5 Ways To Childproof Your Home

Child playing behind safety gates in front of stairs at home

Curious toddlers love exploring the world around them which could lead them into trouble! That’s why it’s so important to do everything you can to keep them safe at home. Here are five simple ways to childproof your home to safeguard mischievous tots as they grow and develop.

Ways to childproof your home

1. Baby-proof your halls, stairs and landing

Even though your child is unlikely to be left alone on your stairs, hall or landing, this area requires a little baby-proofing! Fixing safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs is the best way to prevent your child from accessing them and having an accident.

Don’t forget to check the gaps between your bannisters too! They should be no more than 100mm. Any more than this and you could risk your little one getting their head stuck between them!


Extend the life of your safety gates! When your little ones outgrow the need for them, use your safety gates to keep pets out of parts of your home where you don’t want them!

2. Keeping safe in the kitchen

Your kitchen is potentially one of the most hazardous rooms in the house for smaller members of your family. Common dangers include scalds from hot water, burns from cookers and poisoning from cleaning products! So, how can you protect them?

First up – stop little explorers from getting into your kitchen without you by fitting a safety gate to the door. When you’re in there together, ensure their safety by popping them into a play pen so you know where they are at all times.

Prevent the risk of children being scalded by hot liquid spilling over from pans by fitting a cooker guard. Keep nosy tots out of low level cupboards, freezers, fridges and dish washers by fitting safety catches.


Kids are quick to learn! After watching you opening cupboard locks a few times, they’ll soon start to learn how to get into them! Try using different types of locks around your kitchen and look out for eagle-eyed tots watching you!

3. Safe at play

Play it safe when it comes to your child’s play environment by keeping it hazard-free! Start by ensuring all toys are suitable for their age . Check toys regularly for sharp or broken bits that could hurt your baby.

Before popping your baby down, check that the area is safe by looking on the floor for anything small that they could be swallowed or choked on. By checking their toys and play area, you can rest assured that your little ones are out of harm’s way.


If your little one has any soft toys with a hanging loop attached, don’t leave them alone with it. It could get wrapped around their finger, hand or if the loop is large enough, their neck.

4. Keep blind cords out of reach

Baby proofing your home doesn’t stop at low down, easy to reach areas. As your little explorers gain more confidence, parts of your home that are higher up can become a concern – like blind cords! Research has shown that the majority of accidental deaths involving window cords involve children aged between 16 and 36 months and most commonly occur in the bedroom.

To safeguard your child, install blinds, particularly in their bedroom, that don’t have a cord. Never place their cot or a high chair near a window. Where you do have pull cords on blinds, keep them short and out of reach and tie them up using a safety device such as a cord tidy, clip or tie.


When hanging toys or other objects onto your little one’s cot or bed, make sure they don’t pose a hazard to them by checking there’s no way they could become entangled.

5. Safe living

When it comes to keeping your toddler safe at home, your living room is no exception. For many, the living room is an area of the home where the family spend a lot of time and the safety hazards are ever changing.

Keep kids safe when the weather gets colder by covering open fireplaces or heaters with a fireguard. Socket covers are a great way to stop little monkeys poking things – or their fingers – into them! Never place hot or alcoholic drinks on coffee tables within easy reach of your toddler and remember to keep matches, lighters and candles well away from little ones.


If you’re green fingered and have houseplants dotted around your home, make sure they’re not poisonous. Castor bean, Christmas cherry and poinsettia need to be kept well out of reach of curious tots!