A Toniebox is not just for Christmas!

We’ve probably all been there – Christmas morning finally arrives, the living room is filled with squeals of delight, much excitement and sometimes even tears as the mountain of wrapping paper and discarded boxes grows ever higher.  All is well… for a while anyway.

But the novelty soon wears off and even those initially-most-alluring gifts are discarded and forgotten. We catch ourselves pondering how on earth our kids can say they’re bored…in a house filled with toys.

Enter the Toniebox! And with it, a world of storytelling and a lifetime of imagination.

There’s lots of great entertaining options that exist in the form of digital content and apps but many of us are also aware of how easy it is to slip into too much screen time. A great solution is to combine the developmental and learning benefits of storytelling with the fun of screenless interactivity and play to keep the kids engrossed. Because when you put listening and playing together something magical happens. Children’s imaginations can run free.

The Toniebox is designed for independent play, it’s portable, robust and easy to use and the ever-growing range of collectable figures make the perfect gift solution for birthdays and special occasions. It also has real longevity. It can be shared amongst different age siblings and as the kids gets older, they can listen to different age-appropriate content. From the Lion King, Wimpy Kid, Peter Rabbit to Children’s Songs, there is something for every little listener.

And then there’s bedtime. What parent hasn’t experienced some of the challenges of getting little ones to fall asleep alone! The Toniebox can help parents make night time magical by playing soothing stories and lullabies on a Toniebox. Children can listen to bedtime stories free from the overstimulation and distraction of flickering screens, drift off to sleep to the gentle sounds of familiar songs from one of the audio content Tonies like “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “Lavender’s Blue” or enjoy up to 90 minutes of your own customised content uploaded to a Creative-Tonie.

Tonies opens up a world of stories, music and educational content for your little ones that is screen free, portable and so easy to use even for the smallest of hands.