Babymoov Baby Monitors and Digital Green Technology

Why are electromagnetic waves dangerous to young babies and children? Did you know that a baby’s brain can absorb up to 60% more waves than the brain of an adult* which can affect their early development and even cause cell mutation in the body.

Some baby monitors in the market use high-performing, interference-free DECT technology, which may transmit perfect video and sound but give out very high electromagnetic wave emissions to your baby’s immediate environment.

In 2008 Babymoov were the first brand to consider the potential issues surrounding wave emissions when designing their baby monitors.

What is Babymoov’s Digital Green Technology?

Babymoov’s Digital Green Technology solution combines the performance of digital technology (clear sound, no interference) with the safety of low-emission power levels to significantly reduce the level of electromagnetic wave exposure to baby. In fact, up to 33-times less than other similar models on the market certifiable by a study carried out by EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Laboratory at the Institute Pascal.

Digital Green Technology guaranteed monitors by Babymoov include…

Which Babymoov baby monitor is right for me and my baby?

Every parent’s needs are different, depending on where you live and how many children you want to monitor.

If you only use your baby monitor occasionally or your baby’s room is close to yours and you are on a budget choose a simple yet reliable low-emission model with a range of 300 -500m like the Babymoov Easy Care.

If you live in a block of flats, you may be surrounded by other families using baby monitors… In this instance it’s important to choose a baby monitor with multiple channels to avoid interference and both the Babymoov Easy Care and Babymoov Expert Care baby monitors will give you easy and automatic channel search.

If you live in a large house or your room is not too close to your baby’s room you’ll want a monitor with a long range. Babymoov Premium Care which operates with the same Digital Green Technology has a range of up to 1,400m.

If you have twins or children close in age that you want to monitor with a single device it makes sense to choose a model that can connect multiple transmitters with one receiver. The Babymoov Premium Care can be operated with two transmitters simultaneously or to connect up to four transmitters, Babymoov’s YOO Feel video monitor allows you to connect up to four cameras to monitor from one touch screen parent unit!

4 tips to reduce your baby’s exposure to electromagnetic waves

If you’re still concerned about any further exposure to electromagnetic waves there are a number of other things you could try, including:

  • Don’t use baby monitors that transmit continuously
  • Try to place the baby monitor a couple of meters away from baby when on.
  • Fully unplug electrical appliances when not in use
  • Reduce electromagnetic waves by turning off Wi-Fi and mobile phones overnight

*(Gandhi O. P., Lazzi G., Furse C.M., Absorption of electromagnetic radiation in the human head and neck)