Best Of British: Mattresses made in the UK, from East Coast

Fact 1: Babies need a lot of sleep.

Fact 2: It’s normal to wonder whether your baby missed that memo…

Fact 3: Babies need to sleep safely.

Your new baby’s bed is one of the most important things you’ll buy when you’re getting ready for them to arrive. Alongside choosing a cot or cot bed to match your décor, you’ll need to pick a suitable mattress.

There are lots of options available when choosing your baby’s mattress, including covers and fillings to suit every budget. Many mattresses also aim to help with common things that might keep your little one awake (like being hot and sweaty).

East Coast Nursery supply a range of baby mattresses, all made right here in the UK. They have offered their top tips for choosing a mattress for your new baby.

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Think Supportive, Not Squishy

Babies’ mattresses should be firm and flat. They can look a little different to adult mattresses – less plush – but it’s important that babies don’t sink into their mattress, to keep them safe while they sleep. Fillings like the Pocket Spring will offer excellent comfort and support.

Consider Cleaning

One East Coast mattress comes with a waterproof, wipe-clean cover for super easy cleaning. The others all have removable fabric covers that can be machine washed at 60°. These fabrics are water-resistant, which means they help to slow down any liquids absorbing, minimising water damage. The All Seasons mattress, Spring mattress, Pocket Spring and Cleaner Sleep mattress also have a waterproof membrane that you can position where it’s needed for added protection.

Breathe Easy

One of the things we talk about a lot with mattresses is air circulation. Babies need help to regulate their body temperature, so it’s important to consider air circulation when choosing your baby’s bedding. The Airflow Foam mattress has an eggbox-shaped filling layer, so fresh air moves through it letting the mattress ‘breathe’. The Fibre mattress is filled with layers of spun fibre, which allow the air to pass easily between them – it’s a fantastic budget-friendly option. The All-Natural mattress is just that – it’s made with only natural materials, including coir and wool filling and a bamboo fabric cover. And if your little one is likely to be prone to asthma or allergies, the award-winning Cleaner Sleep mattress is a fantastic investment – it has a cover made from Amicor fabric, to prevent allergens and dust mites.

Keep Cool (or Warm!)

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It’s worth investing in a room thermometer for your baby or choosing a baby monitor that includes this feature. The room temperature will guide you on how many layers of blankets your baby will need. Don’t be surprised if your baby has cold hands or feet at night, and don’t use this as a reason to add bedding. Feel their tummy to see if they feel warm or cold. The All Seasons mattress has a double-sided cover, to help keep your baby comfortable whatever the weather. In summer, the Coolplus side draws away sweat; in winter the Warmsense side holds warmth safely around them.

Measure Up

Your mattress should be the right size for your cot or cot bed, to keep your baby safe. Guidance says that the gap top-to-bottom or side-to-side should be less than 3cm. A standard cot mattress measures 120 x 60cm, while a cot bed mattress is 140 x 70cm.

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Learn More

For guidance on how to set your baby’s bed up safely, including more advice on mattresses, please visit the Lullaby Trust:

East Coast Nursery has been a family-run business for almost 60 years, based in Norfolk. Their mattress collection is proudly made in the UK.