Best Pushchairs NEW for 2022

Well, we’ve reached spring 2022 and we thought it was high time we looked at what new pushchairs have been released this year! Some brands have released gorgeous new colours on last years lines while some have released completely new designs. We’ll take you through each one and tell you what we love about each one!


Let’s start with the Egg2 Luxury Travel System. Egg have taken their brilliant Egg2 Pushchair and added some exquisite new colours that are right on trend for 2022.

Designed in Britain, the Egg2 ensures an effortlessly smooth ride for baby and exceptional ease of use for new parents. We sell the Egg2 as a popular travel system combo giving you a Pushchair and Carrycot, infant carrier and base, bag, footmuff and adaptors all in matching colours! We particularly like the matching blue chassis on the Chambray colourway:


Next, we have the Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller. This snazzy little stroller is designed for city life or going on holiday thanks to it’s tiny fold

Despite being lightweight it still offers first-class comfort; the spacious, high backed, padded seat offers a one-hand recline allowing them to be comfy when they want to rest or sleep on your journey. It’s also travel system compatible so you can add a Bugaboo Turtle Infant Carrier.


Now we have the iCandy Peach 7 Summer Bundle. Again, this is a bundle that offers everything you need in matching colours and is only £100 more expensive than buying the pushchair alone – what a bargain! With this set you receive the pushchair and carrycot, a duopod footmuff, changing bag, rain cover, insect net, parasol, cup holder and clamp! The Peach 7 also has a built in ride-on board, perfect for when you toddler suddenly gets ‘tired legs’.


You can’t miss the Cosatto Woosh 3 Stroller – in lots of bright designs your little one is sure to love, it’s suitable for use from birth and while it doesn’t fold as small as some of the other pushchairs in this guide, it does have a very handy feature – it turns into a trolley, perfect for airports or when your little one decides it’s time to walk (for a while!).

Not only that, but every Woosh 3 uses the recycled plastic from 35 bottles, so you keep harmful plastics out of the ocean and landfill and your little one will look great while doing it!


Introducing the Bugaboo Donkey 5 – this pushchair starts as life as a single pushchair but has the ability to grow as your family does. The frame extends to allow another carrycot or seat unit to be added easily. It’s also great for childminders or even grandparents who look after multiple grandchildren on different days as it adjusts to your needs.

Despite being a larger pushchair, it still has a reasonably small fold, and the wheels can be removed it you need it to be smaller still. In addition to the extra-large, 35-litre (up to 10kg) under-seat basket, you also have room in the 10kg (up to 30-litre) basket adjacent to your child which has handles to make it easy to carry when removed.


Finally, we’ll talk about the Priam and e-Priam by Cybex. Essentially the same pushchair, the e-Priam has the added ability of connecting to an app on your smart phone to give assistance up hills or even to rock on its own!

This new 2022 version of the Priam (and e-Priam) brings a world first to pushchairs by using a one-pull harness to quickly and easily secure your child in the seat. The best way to describe this is the think of how you tighten the straps of a car seat, you simply pull the tail end of the strap, and the harness adjusts to the correct position, well, Cybex have brought this to the Priam giving you a precision fit with just one hand in seconds!


There are lots of other new pushchairs available in 2022, keep an eye out for new ones which are being added to the site!

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