Elephante Easy Prep Guide – What is it and how does it work?

Elephante easy prep

If you have made the decision to bottle feed your little one (no judgment here, the most important thing is your baby is fed and happy – in fact, I bottle fed both of my kids!) it becomes a surprisingly difficult chore to make those bottles multiple times a day – remembering to boil the kettle in advance and hoping it fits with when they are awake and hungry, and not leaving it too late so the water is far too hot and takes an age to cool……….when you have a screaming baby that’s the last thing you want, believe me! Continue reading this Elephante Easy Prep guide for how to make bottle making as stress free as possible…

How To Guide

The Elephante Easy Prep is here to help. Start by filling the tank with up to 1.7 litres of cold water then unlock the touch panel by pressing the lock key for 2 seconds. Next, use the Temp button to set the desired temperature you would like your baby’s bottle water to be dispensed at.

Now you can purify the water. To do this press the boil button to heat the water to 100°C which will remove impurities from the water:

Once the Easy Prep has reached 100°C it will then cool the water to your pre-set temperature and keep it at that temperature until you need it. It’s definitely worth setting it up first thing in the morning and then it’s ready to go for the rest of the day.

Bottle Making

When you are ready to make a bottle, set the Easy Prep to dispense the water volume you require, this can be done in both ml and oz depending on your preference (this setting will be remembered for next time). Then simply press the water button to dispense the amount at the temperature you previously set.

Hey presto – the bottle is made! The large 1.7 litre tank will make 6 x 8oz bottles during the day and the Easy Prep will keep the water warm for up to 24 hours too. Don’t worry if it runs out of water it will auto shut off for safety.

Another great feature happens at night, if you need to prepare a night feed, you can simply use the nightlight button to cast a gentle glow so you can see what you are doing without needing to turn on a bright light that disturbs your sleep and you baby’s!

The Easy Prep can be used with any sized bottles and any formula brand and even has the added benefit of being useful even after your little one no longer needs bottles – you can use it to keep water at the prefect temperature to make your coffee!!

Check out the how to video below and visit the Uber Kids website to read more!

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