When The Nights Get Darker – Get Your Toddler A Night Light!

Pababo projector night light

As the winter nights start to draw nearer, it’s time for little ones to adjust to bedtimes in the dark again. For some children, this can be a frightening or new experience. Using a night light in their nursery provides them with the comfort and security that their little minds need to help them rest peacefully. Night lights can also help parents out too. They’re perfect when checking on your little ones and tucking in small hands and feet during the night!

Features to Watch Out For

Available in an array of styles, night lights should be practical and functional, as well as fun! When looking for a night light, look out for features such as USB chargers, LED bulbs, heat resistant materials, soft plush fabrics and long life batteries. Nightlights can also be found in array of fun, friendly characters. Pababo’s Mini bunny is a plush toy your tot will love to cuddle all night long, while the Lumiblo glows for a week after being charged once!

Pabobo Mini Musical Projectors
Pabobo Mini Musical Projectors
Pabobo LumiBlo Lantern Nightlight
Pabobo LumiBlo Lantern Nightlight

Musical Night light

Night lights with beautifully soothing, colour-changing light projections and musical features will encourage babies to calmly drift off to the land of nod. Starry projections of the Milky Way or the ocean, with accompanying lullabies or nature sounds, give babies a cosy environment.

Pabobo Star Projector

This will turn dark nights into a happy experience for the whole family. For peace of mind, all of Pabobo’s musical star projectors have automatic shut off settings and auto cry sensors.

So, you can sleep easy while your baby awakes to a reassuring, calming lullaby helping them settle back to sleep.


Suitable for all ages

Night lights are suitable for children of all ages. Pabobo’s range starts from birth, like the lovely Lumiblo. With its heat resistant material, soft nightglow and practical carry handle, it’s suitable for both little and big hands! It can also be used as a dim light for those middle of the night feeds – perfect for new parents.

When the Clocks Change…

As the clocks change, your tot will love the reassurance provided by the glow of their very own night light. Not only are night lights a decorative addition to any nursery or child’s room but they become your child’s play thing during the day, a light to soothe them as they drift off to sleep and a torch to guide them, should they wake during the dark winter nights.

Which night light do you think your little one will love?


PABOBO is a small French company founded by 3 friends Olivier, Sébastien and Philippe in Paris, the city of lights. The son of co-founder Olivier wanted to get up alone by night, but he was afraid of the darkness. In order to take away this fear, the 3 founders developed the first nightlight in 2006, which did not require any cables or batteries. Pabobo kind of a funny name... Pah-bo-bow … wondering what it means? Bébé Prudence (meaning careful baby), our very first creation, was simply designed to teach little ones how to grow up safely. So that they could discover the world without any boo boos!