Pushchair Buying Guide

Whether you are starting to look for a pushchair for your soon to be born little one or are looking to change the pushchair you have, it can be overwhelming looking at all the different types available and wondering what you need, so we at Uber Kids have put together a pushchair buying guide to help you know what to look for and to let you see for yourself which is the best pushchair!

What’s the difference?

Prams and pushchairs: Often used interchangeably, but prams really refer to something that lies-flat and is always suitable from birth, whereas pushchairs refer to something that has a seat unit – this can also be suitable from birth if the recline allows it to lie flat.

Strollers: These are typically smaller and more lightweight and often have a compact fold making them easier for city living or for taking on holiday. Not always compatible from birth but some brands are so it’s worth a look if this fits your family.

Travel Systems: In order to be called a travel system, these bundles have to include an infant carrier, and this usually attaches to the frame of the pushchairs which is perfect for nipping to the corner shop for milk! Prams and pushchairs bought alone can be listed as travel system compatible but won’t come with a car seat, it would have to be purchased separately.

Double Pushchairs: When you have more than one child these are a lifesaver! There are a few different types: A twin pushchair is designed for children of the same age – think “Twins!”, whereas a double is designed for children of different ages. There are also pushchairs called tandems – these are double pushchairs where the children sit in front of one another.

Three Wheelers: Three wheelers are exactly what they sound like – a pushchair with 3 wheels. These chairs can also be any of the above as they sometimes are travel system compatible or can be used from birth. They tend to have the ability to go off-road more than other chairs.

Multisport Pushchairs and Trailers: These are a newer category to Uber Kids, and cover pushchairs that have multiple uses. Some can be used as a pushchair and be attached to a bike for family outings, some can even be connected around your waist as a running buggy!

Here are some key terms which might help you with your decision:

Buggy: Often used to mean Stroller.

Carrycot/Bassinet: A lie-flat area for new-borns that is usually detachable.

Cocoon/Lite Cot: An alternative to a carrycot, made from a soft fabric to offer more support to your little one while in their pushchair and can make some pushchairs suitable from birth without the need for a bulkier carrycot.

Colour Pack: Some brands will allow you to change the colour of your pushchair, most colour packs consist of a coloured hood and liner, some may include other matching accessories like aprons or head huggers.

Convertible: Some pushchairs have seat units that can be changed into a full-sized carrycot with a bit of adjustment, or the addition of some extra fabric, really handy for saving space without losing the newborn support.

Freestanding Fold: Some pushchair models can stand upright when folded, to keep the chassis clean and off of the ground.

Reversible Seat: Some pushchairs allow you to have the seat facing you whilst pushing or facing outwards by taking it off and simply turning it around.

Umbrella Fold: The most common type of fold on strollers where it folds down on itself like an umbrella. Very quick and easy to do, but usually quite long!

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