Review: Chicco Toys Bundle

Last month we ran a giveaway for a Chicco toys bundle. We asked the winner for a short recap of what they thought and a couple of photos of their little ones enjoying the prize. The lucky winner was Rachel Melton and here is what she had to say about each of the products:

Chicco Toys bundle

We were sent a fabulous collection of Chicco Toys by Uber Kids.  We were sent Sam the Mole, Detective Dog, Mister Ring Hedgehog Hoopla, Food Truck & Jump and fit hopscotch play mat.

Sam The Mole

Sam the Mole is a bilingual sorting toy.  It has 30 songs in both French & English.  It’s suitable for children aged 10 months upwards. R loved trying to put the shapes in the holes, E would help him when he struggled.  They both loved the flashing lights & songs as they went along.  You press down the mole and put in the shapes, when all shapes have been put in their correct space the mole pops up & sings songs with lights flashing. It was a big hit with both boys.

Sam the mole by Chicco toys

Detective Dog

Detective Dog is a treasure hunt game, hide his bone & he will help you find it.  It is suitable for children aged 1-4 years old.  He can detect the bone from about 30 metres away.  The light on the top of his hat changes colour – RED means you’re far away, YELLOW means you’re getting closer then GREEN means it’s very close.  When it’s found Detective Dog barks & the light flashes.  E loves Hide & Seek, we play hide the toy as well as normal hide & seek so this was a great addition to his toys.  R loves pushing Detective Dog around the floor.

Mister Ring Hedgehog Hoopla

Mister Ring Hedgehog Hoopla is suitable for children aged 2-5 years & comes with 8 coloured rings.  It has two settings where the hedgehog moves around, one setting is slightly easier than the other.  As he turns around you throw the rings onto the spikes. E wanted to get the same coloured hoop on the matching spike.  R enjoyed taking the rings off when his brother had thrown them on.  This was E’s favourite toy, he played with it for a long time & kept going back to it.  It’s light so great for travelling or outside fun.

Mister Ring Hedgehog Hoopla

Food Truck

The Food Truck is suitable for children aged 1-4 years old. It comes with ingredients to make a burger and cooking utensils.  There are dials at the cooker which are English or French, it has 50 songs, sounds and phrases.  R loves pushing the truck around. To be honest, this was the boys least favourite toy.  It would be better if it made cooking noises as you make your burger or had more features.  E liked pressing the menu buttons on the side.

Chicco food truck

Jump & Fit Hopscotch Playmat

The jump and fit play mat is suitable for children from 2 years onward.  There are two modes to choose from. Classic mode where you toss a coin & play hopscotch or fitness mode where you throw the dice and copy the position or exercise.  There are also colour flashing lights which show you where to jump in this mode.  If you get the colour right it cheers.  Do a few in a row and it plays a tune.  E loves the fitness mode.  He likes doing the different positions but he also loves just jumping on whichever colour the game shows him then dancing when the tune plays.  E has had hours of fun playing this game.

Chicco Hopscotch play mat

Chicco are an excellent brand, they are of a high quality and reasonably priced.  With two boys at different stages in their development and learning we will get many years of fun from these toys and I would recommend them.

Rachel Melton

I'm Mummy Melton, mum to Mini M born Dec 2013 & Baby M born July 2017, wife to Mr M. We live in Lancashire, UK. I love US TV shows, walks, running and the odd wine and cake.