Review: Shnuggle Changing Bundle

Shnuggle squishy and bumgo

Last month we ran a giveaway to win a Shnuggle changing bundle. We asked the winner for a short recap of what they thought and a couple of photos of their little ones with the prize. The lucky winner was Jasmine Nagi and here are her thoughts about each of the products

Shnuggle Bumgo changing bagBumgo changing bag

We have been using the Bumgo in hospital as my son has been in and out recently. We took it with us and it has made nappy changes much easier because of its practical size compared to most travel mats. It also makes it much easier to get to the wipes instead of having to dig through the changing bag for them. The only downside is that it doesn’t close properly if there’s more than one nappy in the nappy compartment at a time. I think a great improvement would be having an elastic string that goes around a button which will help to make it easier to store more nappies for when you are on the go.


Squishy changing matSquishy changing mat

My son suffers with severe reflux so the Squishy mat’s slight angle has helped improve this during nappy changes. It is much comfier for him and it never gets cold because it retains the same temperature. It is also great to use at bath time as it makes dressing him and drying him much more comfortable. It also fits perfectly on top of a changing table. I use it every time I bath Riley and it definitely has improved bath time because he doesn’t slide around on it in his towel like other changing mats. I also use it for his baby massage that I do after each bath which again I can do longer because his much more comfortable. my sister has used the squishy with my niece when she’s been to visit and she also loves it.

I would definitely recommend these products to all parents.

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