The Cosatto Come and Go Child Car Seat

Introducing the Cosatto Come and Go Child Car Seat

Choosing a child car seat is one of the most important purchasing decisions you can make. Not only do you want to ensure robust safety for your child, but you also need to make sure they’re comfortable as well.

The Cosatto Come and Go child car seat combines both. It’s the first ever car seat developed in partnership with the RAC, and it comes packed with a whole host of features for your child’s safety – and your peace of mind. This pioneering car seat is equipped with the latest safety innovations as well as eye-catching, colourful and charming designs that your little one is sure to love.

The Cosatto Come and Go: safety, security, simplicity

The Cosatto Come and Go car seat is suitable for use from birth to the age of around four years (or 105cm) and compliant with the R129 or i-Size safety standards. This means that it offers exceptional comfort, security and safety for the little one so you’ll find it the perfect companion for those everyday errands and for longer road trips.

For safety and security, the Come and Go offers a range of smart and practical features. Firstly, the seat is extended rear-facing all the way up to 105cm, a configuration that comes highly recommended by experts as rear-facing car seats distribute the force of a frontal collision across a wider area of the back. This means that there’s less pressure on the head, neck and spine, reducing the risk of serious injury. 

It also comes equipped with Isofix fitting points, providing secure and stable installation, and the exclusive Cosatto five-point plus anti-escape system which is designed to provide a reliable anti-wriggle lock down to keep your child safely secured. This is something that is particularly important given that 70 per cent of children wriggle out of their car seat harness, thereby putting them at risk of head, neck, spinal and internal injuries.

Furthermore, the Come and Go is designed to absorb force more effectively with its deep side wing panels and energy-absorbing foam providing plenty of side-impact protection.

Comfort and practicality

In addition to its exceptionally high safety standards, the Cosatto Come and Go also offers excellent comfort for your child and easy practicality for you. Accessing the seat through your car door is really easy thanks to its easy-access rotation capability. This system allows you to rotate the seat sideways with the touch of a button and means less stretching and leaning in for you when lifting your child out of the car seat or strapping them in.

To make life even easier for parents, the seat features a no-rethread, adjustable harness and a one-handed, easily adjustable system to minimise any hassle. Another key feature is its pop-off washable liner which makes it simple to clean away evidence of those inevitable little accidents and spillages.

Other little extras thrown in include anti-slip chest pads and a tummy pad. What’s more, the Cosatto Come and Go car seat comes with plush padding, laid-back reclining seat and a removable new-born wedge to keep your little one sitting comfortably.

Perhaps best of all for parents is its industry-leading four-year guarantee, providing you with additional reassurance when you’re making your purchase.

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