Winter Essentials for Babies

It’s getting distinctly chilly outside and the long nights are drawing in, which can only mean one thing – winter is just around the corner. You might be wondering where the rest of the year has disappeared to, but for the mums and dads among you, it’s time to stock up on those winter baby essentials.

As it gets colder it’s of the utmost importance that you have everything you need to keep your baby protected against the elements. That’s why now’s a perfect time, just before the chilly weather really kicks in, to pick up those practical winter accessories so that your whole family is ready for the winter ahead.

To make things simpler, we’ve put together a handy collection of our Winter Essentials, with lots of baby must-haves to help get you and your little ones through the months ahead.


When the temperatures fall outside, it’s important to be aware that it can get chilly in your little one’s nursery as well, particularly at night time. This is why you need to ensure that you keep your baby nice and warm – but not too warm, as this can be a problem as well. A little sleeping bag can help keep them warm, allowing them to move their arms and wriggle about while keeping their bodies covered.

The Snuzpouch from Snuz is a wonderfully cosy sleeping bag, perfect for newborns and babies up to the age of six months. As well as being kind to sensitive skin and providing your baby with a safe and secure sleeping environment, the Snuzpouch also comes with a convenient front zip – making nappy changes a doddle!


Obviously, you can’t sit indoors with your child all winter long, and there’ll be times when you need to get out and about with them. But you’ll need to keep them cosy and warm when they’re out in their pushchair, as they’re so susceptible to the cold. As well as getting them wrapped up warm before heading out, make sure you’ve got a pushchair footmuff to hand. These simple accessories provide important comfort and warmth.

The Joolz Polar Footmuff is perfect for the purpose. It’s lined with 100% sheep wool, which is also breathable and water-resistant – that means that it keeps your baby lovely and warm in the winter, as well as thermo-regulating to keep them cool when it gets warmer. All this, and it looks super stylish too!


As we’ve already touched on, it’s really important to keep the temperature in your baby’s nursery comfortable for them. A room temperature of around 16-20C is ideal for little ones, so long as they have light bedding or a lightweight sleeping bag. It’s a very good idea to keep a room thermometer to hand so that you can accurately determine what the temperature is – and then make adjustments if needed.

The Babymoov Thermo-Hygrometer provides you with the ambient temperature and humidity in your baby’s room, displaying the current data in addition to providing the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels recorded during a particular period.

Bath time and changing

There are a few things to bear in mind when bathing your baby during the colder winter months. Firstly, you don’t need to bath infants daily – two or three times a week should be fine, especially as babies sweat relatively little during the winter. Secondly, it’s extra important to ensure that the water temperature is suitable: not hot, but temperate. Babies’ skin is thinner than that of adults, so they’re more sensitive to temperature.

Keeping your baby’s bathwater at a safe temperature is much easier thanks to the Babymoov Aquanest Heat Dispenser, which sits in the base of the Aquanest Bathtub and helps to regulate the temperature of the water. It’s rechargeable, so it can be used over and over again, and it only takes five minutes to warm up in an 800w microwave.


When you’re out and about with your little one this winter, you’ll obviously need to ensure that you’ve got a bottle close at hand. A bottle bag can help to keep your baby’s bottle nice and warm, ready for them in case they get hungry while you and your family are on the move.

The Skip Hop Grab and Go Bottle Bag is big enough to hold two bottles or sippy cups, and its insulated lining means that it can keep them either warm or cool. It’s also got an adjustable strap, so it can easily be attached to your baby’s pushchair.

Take a closer look at the Uber Kids Winter Essentials collection today and pick up some seasonal baby necessities.