3 Ways Sustainable Travel Can Help Beat Obesity in Under 5’s

Our friends at Micro Scooters are at the forefront of providing sustainable travel solutions that will transform your everyday life. From children’s scooters for the school run, adult scooters for the commute and now preschool scooters specifically developed to suit each stage of your toddler’s development; Micro are the authority on how and why scooters can be a part of a sustainable future.

This 5 minute read will equip you with ideas and advice on how you can get your toddler moving in a sustainable way.

Good habits begin early. The early years of a child’s life provides the opportunity to equip them with the tools they need to have a positive relationship with movement, exercise and the environment when they are older.

A recent government study found that 10% of boys and 9% of girls started school at age 5 obese. Current recommendations by the Department of Health suggest children under the age of 5 should do 180 minutes’ worth of physical activity each day, however, there is very little practical advice on how to get your child active for 3 hours a day. As most parents would acknowledge that is an incredibly tall ask!

That is why the team at Micro Scooters commissioned research with Brytespark – a team of experts in biomechanics and child development who combined their knowledge with expert opinion from around the world. The research found that it’s not just movement and exercise that matter. For children to confidently develop their fundamental movement skills, energetic play should be structured, with adult involvement. It’s the type of movement that makes all the difference at this critical stage of development.

The result of this is Play for Life, an online resource packed with tips and advice on how to get your toddlers moving with movement. 

Play for Life works around the principle of Deliberate Play, the notion that a child isn’t just told to “go out in the garden and play” but given tasks and activities while they are outside that will help develop their movement skills, their confidence and, therefore, their affiliation with exercise. 

Here are three deliberate play exercises you can try with your child to help improve their movement skills:

The great pre-school adventure

No child likes to be strapped down in a buggy and no parent likes the battle of wills it takes to get them there. Being strapped into a buggy which restricts a child’s movement for a long period of time does not help their movement skills. Instead, consider using the Micro Trike to get you and your toddler from home to preschool.

The Micro Trike allows a child to sit up and interact with the world around them. The nature of the seat means they hold their core strength and the handles are great for improving fine motor skills. Whether you walk, scoot or use the Trike to get to pre-school; interact with your child by getting them to experience the world around them.

Not only are you improving your child’s movement skills, you are also travelling sustainably and ensuring the air around them is clean as one pre-school scooter or Trike journey means one less car journey – which can only be a good thing for our environment (and our stress levels!)

Scooter Tag

If you are planning a trip out with your toddler consider doing so by foot or by scooter – rather than taking the car. Utilising a Play for Life game while you are on the journey or at your final destination means your scooter acts as a means of transport, an enabler to help build your child’s development skills and a brilliantly fun distraction when you are at your destination.

You could try taking a trip to the park on the Mini Micro 3-in-1 deluxe scooter with its three functions making it a versatile scooter for all ages and stages.

Here’s a game to help your child develop decision making and communication skills. This will help your child hone specific movement skills, required for certain sports and expertise at a later stage of development.  It is also great to be played at the park and with friends.

How to play:

Similar to tag rugby.

  • One/two people are ‘It’ and they are on foot.
  • The people who are ‘It’ have to tag the players on scooters.
  • Change the game by decreasing or increasing the zone of play available.
  • When a scooter person is tagged they join the tagging team on foot.
  • The winner is the last one scooting when everyone else is on foot.
  • Transform everyday into the Micro way

Popping to the shops with a toddler in tow can be quite tricky. With some Play for Life magic sprinkled over these everyday trips they can be done in a way that helps build your child’s movement skills, is sustainable and stress free for you.

Try this game next time you have a quick errand to run…

Follow the leader

The purpose of the game: balance, team building, core strength

How to play:

  • The oldest child is the leader.
  • The younger children line up behind the older child.
  • The older child scoots off slowly and encourages the other children to follow.
  • On command the old child turns to the right, or left, or changes leg and the younger children have to attempt to do the same.
  • The game encourages the older child to build confidence in their team building and the younger children to learn skills from the older child.
  • At the end the older child awards the younger child who did the best following.

To find out more about how you can improve your child’s movement skills sustainably please visit www.micro-scooters.co.uk/playforlife, or to find the perfect nursery scooter for you head over to the Uber Kids site now.