Exciting Packed Lunch Ideas

Coming up with interesting and exciting packed lunch ideas is a quandary that frequently troubles millions of parents. Many kids are fussy eaters at the best of times, and increasingly demanding with it – so soggy sandwiches just won’t cut it anymore!

Uber Kids is always here to help, which is why we’ve compiled this list of quick and easy meals suitable for school lunches that are both nutritious and delicious. The most important thing to remember is that it’s actually really easy to whip up simple and tasty packed lunches, making those school lunch breaks much more interesting.

Read on and explore our full list of school packed lunch ideas for the coming school year.

Packed lunch ideas

  • Lunchbox pasta salad – for a scrumptious lunchtime treat kids will genuinely look forward to, a pasta salad is perfect. The best bit is that you can customise its contents depending on what your child enjoys (it works equally well with ham or bacon, chicken or bits of hard-boiled egg). Get the full recipe here.

  • Mini pizzas – pizzas are lots of fun to make at home, and they’re even more fun to eat. Making homemade pizzas is a great way of getting the kids involved, both in making the dough and then deciding what toppings to add. There’s a detailed recipe here.

  • Mini frittatas – a reliably tasty light bite, mini frittatas make for a wonderful Italian-inspired addition to any school packed lunch, satisfying as they are without being stodgy. They can again be whipped together with the minimum of hassle; check out the recipe here for more guidance.

  • Filo mini quiche – delicious to eat and easy for little hands to grasp, mini quiches made with light and tasty filo pastry are brilliant for school packed lunches. Making them is also another really good opportunity to get the kids involved and experiment with different fillings. There’s a full recipe here.

  • Crispy chicken and avocado wrap – packed with flavour and nutritious to boot, your child is sure to be the envy of their friends at lunchtime with some crispy chicken and avocado wraps in their lunchbox. Take a closer look at the recipe here to find out how to whip them up.
  • Cheesy star sandwiches – particularly great for younger kids, these cute star-shaped sandwiches are bound to put a smile on their face when lunchtime comes. Add some tasty cream cheese and pesto to give them a flavoursome treat. You can find the full recipe here.

Homemade sweet treats

  • Apple and strawberry muffins – for a tasty sweet treat, apple and strawberry muffins are a perfect choice. Jam-packed with fruity flavour and with a delightful fluffy texture, they can take as little as half an hour to make. Read the full recipe here.

  • Apricot flapjacks – another delightful fruit-based treat, apricot flapjacks are about as moreish as it gets thanks to their light and sweet taste. Combined cooking and preparation time comes to about 45 minutes. You can find the recipe here.

  • Chocolate-drizzled popcorn – simple, quick to prepare and very tasty, chocolate-drizzled popcorn is a really fun treat to slip into a school lunchbox. It takes less than quarter of an hour to cook and then, once it’s done, just needs to be left in the fridge overnight. Full recipe available here.

  • Jaffa cake cupcakes – for a delicious hit of chocolatey and orangey flavour, Jaffa cake cupcakes are ideal – and all delivered with a creamy, light and fluffy texture. Check out the recipe here.

Hopefully these simple, wholesome and tasty lunch box ideas will give you plenty of inspiration for livening up your little one’s lunchtimes when they go back to school. But all this is only scratching the surface of what you could create! With a little time and imagination, the possibilities are almost endless.

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