Get creative on a budget this Halloween

Looking for Halloween food and costume ideas that won’t hit you in the pocket? Uber Kids has plenty of fun suggestions for you. Find out more here!

We all know that Halloween can be an expensive time, between parties, decorations, and costumes – so we can really feel the pinch, especially with Christmas not far behind. That’s why the team here at Uber Kids has created this guide to help cut some of those costs and to give you some fun Halloween ideas to try at home!

DIY Decorations

Decorations are an integral part of Halloween – the spookier the better! They can also prove to be one of the most expensive parts, however, it’s becoming more and more apparent that this doesn’t have to be the case and the perfect solution is to simply make your own!

Tin Can Ghosts

This DIY decoration is very easy to make and costs very little. All you need is an empty tin can, white paint, a black marker, some string and white strips of paper.

Step One: Paint your tin can white and once dry, draw on a ghoulish ghost face with your black marker.

Step Two: Poke a hole in the bottom of the can – ensuring that it’s just big enough to fit your string through.

Step Three: Tie a knot at the end of your string – bigger than the hole you created – and feed it through so that your ghost can now hang from anywhere you wish.

Step Four: Attach the paper strips to the opening of the can and you now have your very own tin can ghost!

Create Your Own Costumes

To most children, their favourite part of Halloween is dressing up in their costume but the trouble is that this usually comes with a hefty price tag – so why not make something at home instead? That way you can create a fun costume and have some quality time with your little one, all without it costing you an arm and a leg.

Mummy Costume

The Mummy is considered a staple of traditional Halloween costumes and it is also one of the simplest costumes to create yourself! All you need are white clothes for your little one to wear (preferably ones you don’t mind getting a little dirty!), some face paint and some bandages.

Step One: When your little one is dressed in their white clothes, take your bandages and wrap them around each of their limbs, it doesn’t have to be perfect – in fact, the messier the better!

Step Two: Once you’ve covered your little mummy in the bandages, take your face paints and paint their face green – you can also use black to hollow out under their eyes.

Step Three: Taking some brown face paint, lightly dab it over their costume to create an aged look and you should find yourself with your own spooky little trick or treater!

Terrifyingly Fun Party Games

Parties are great fun – for adults and children alike – and a party game makes it that much better! There are many games that can easily be made from things that you have in your home, such as bobbing for apples, pin the witch on the broomstick and many others.


This fun game can be made using plastic cups, orange tissue paper and some elastic bands – then add your own little mixture of tricks and treats.

Step One: Add a trick or treat to each one of your cups, whether it be plastic insects or home-made slime for the trick and sweets or other little goodies for the treat.

Step Two: Cut your tissue paper into squares big enough to cover the mouth of the cup and place them over the top – securing them with your elastic bands.

Step Three: Now the fun begins! Have the children (and adults too!) pick a pumpkin and find out whether they have won a trick or a treat!

Spooky Snacks!

Between all the sweets and chocolate, it is often difficult to get your children to eat anything else at Halloween – however, we have some cheap and tasty snacks that they are sure to love! And they’re Halloween themed too!

Hot Dog Finger Sandwiches

These yummy hot dogs come with a scary twist! A new take on an old favourite, these are sure to have your little ones coming back for more and make an ideal Halloween finger food (almost literally, in this case).

Step One: Cook your hot dogs as normal and once they are cool enough to touch, make three small lines at roughly the midpoint of each.

Step Two: Next, cut in the shape of a fingernail at one of the ends of your hot dogs – they should now resemble fingers!

Step Three: Place them in the buns and add some ketchup “blood” for a sinister yet fun snack!

Banana Ghosts

Who says Halloween has to be unhealthy? Bananas are a good source of energy for your little trick or treaters and these ones are downright adorable too!

Step One: Peel your bananas and cut them in half across the middle.

Step Two: This step can be done in many ways, so it’s purely down to personal preference. You can either melt some chocolate of your choice, you can use chocolate spread or you could use chocolate buttons! Once you have your chocolate, simply create little faces on your delicious ghosts and snack away!

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