Teaching Your Toddler To Ride A Balance Bike In 3 Easy Steps!

Teaching little one to ride a balance bike

Teaching your child to ride a bike is one of the proudest (and possibly most testing) moments for any parent whilst for your little one, it’s one of life’s milestone moments!

If you want to help your child to master their balancing and steering before they hop onto their first pedal bike – why not start them with a balance bike? Balance bikes are perfect for children as young as two years old. They’re also a great way to make the transition even easier for children, preparing them for a lifetime of cycling.

Teaching Your Toddler To Ride A Balance Bike – Getting started

Once you’ve chosen the perfect balance bike for your little one (check out the Kiddimoto range for inspiration), it’s important to do a few safety checks before getting started. The main thing to check is the bike’s tyre pressure. Make sure the tyres are pumped to a fairly firm air pressure depending on the type of terrain they’ll be riding on. It’s also important to check that the balance bike has been assembled correctly. To do this, make sure both the handlebars and seat don’t wobble! If your balance bike has a brake, check that this is fully functional before riding.

Your balance bike is safe to ride!

Now that you have ensured that your balance bike is safe for your little one to enjoy, it’s important to introduce them to it within a safe environment. We’d recommend a grass covered area. This will soften any falls they have as they get used to balancing on their bike. Don’t forget to invest in a helmet that fits them snugly to protect their head!

Let the adventure begin

Now your balance bike is ready to go, you’re in a safe environment and your child’s precious head is protected – you’re ready!

Here are the three steps you should take to get your little one adventuring on two wheels:

Teaching Your Toddler To Ride A Balance Bike1. Getting on and off

Demonstrate how they should get on and off their balance bike until they’re able to do this independently. Make sure the seat height ensures that they can comfortably touch the ground – no tiptoes! If the bike has a brake, demonstrate how this works by walking with the bike and pulling it to show that this action makes the bike stop.


Teaching Your Toddler To Ride A Balance Bike

2. Walking with the bike

Encourage your little one to walk with the balance bike in between their legs. This is where you can begin to introduce steering. Once they’ve mastered the art of turning left and right, you can then introduce sitting down and using their feet to scoot along.



Teaching Your Toddler To Ride A Balance Bike3. The balancing act

Step three is the most important part – learning the art of balance! This is where your child will begin to scoot around with one foot off the ground. They’ll eventually scoot and balance with both feet in the air. We recommend that a small slope can help encourage children to begin to lift their feet off the ground.

By following these three simple steps, your little one will soon be whizzing around having fully mastered their balancing and steering skills. They’ll soon be ready to move onto their very first pedal bike!


Kiddimoto is the UK’s original balance bike company. We produce a wide range of award-winning balance bikes and matching accessories from our headquarters in rural Somerset. We’ve grown from a tiny one-man-show to a successful global operation with a host of awards.