Tricycle Strollers versus a Pushchair

What are they and why are they a great alternative to a pushchair?

Have you ever considered that travelling in a pushchair or stroller might not be particularly exciting for you little one? Or maybe you have used a carrier rather than a pushchair for those early years and now you need a wheeled product to get your little one for A to B. This is where the Tricycle Stroller comes into its own.

The Design

Designed with the same sort of features you see on strollers like harnesses and a comfortable handle for you to push, they are much more fun for kids, especially as they grow up as the convert into a fully-fledged trike, offering you excellent value for money! Some even have seats that can be turned to face you which is great for those early months.

The advantage of a trike stroller is it starts as a fun way to push your little one around, but as they grow, they can learn about pedalling, steering and how to navigate the world around them, all while you still have overall control. It also stimulates your little one’s motor, physical and cognitive development and allows them to practice coordination and learn cause and effect. Then, when they are ready, you can set them free to tackle it all on their own.

Uber Kids Range

We have a whole range of trike strollers to choose from, some that fold away into a small package, perfect for traveling with or if you are short on storage space, like the Doona Liki Trike which folds to a tiny 32 x 60 x 23.3 cm so will even fit as hand luggage on some airlines:

There are trike strollers like the ones offered by Kinderkraft which range from the more basic Aston model (which still has almost all the features!!), through to the more top of the range EasyTwist model which features a rotating seat with a reclinable back rest!!


Finally, we have the Globber 4in1 Explorer Trike. This has a little added extra too – it functions like the other trike strollers but as well as being able to transform into a stand alone trike, it goes one further and becomes a balance bike too!

Check out the full range here

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