Uber Staff’s Christmas Picks

As Christmas draws closer, parents are looking at the abundance of toys available for their children and wondering what to buy. We have a huge range of toys and gifts to choose from here at Uber Kids and you can visit our page dedicated to everything Christmas here, but some of my colleagues have shared their favourite presents or brands with me to help you on your way. We all have children of our own, so we understand the stress of Christmas and we hope our list will help alleviate this slightly for you!

Micro Scooters

Firstly, we have Jack’s choice – he’s the head of Uber Kids, and one of his favourites are scooters by the brand Micro Scooters. They have lots of scooters to choose from ranging from Mini 3 in 1’s which are suitable from 12 months old and grows with your child to scooters with LED lights in the wheels which are suitable up to the age of 12! All the scooters come with a free bell and you can save a massive 20% on matching accessories too!

Playmobile James Bond Car

Moving onto the account managers, Pete and Jon have chosen completely different products but both are very cool! Pete loves the Playmobil 70578 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 – I mean what’s not to love; it has revolving number plates, a passenger ejector seat and missiles built into the front of the car to name but a few of the details of the original car that have been replicated on this toy.

Bigjig Rail Fairy Town Train Set

Jon has picked the Bigjig Rail Fairy Town Train Set from the massive range of wooden trains and sets we have. The 75-piece set contains the track, a bridge, a colourful engine and two carriages that connect together magnetically as well as various houses, a train station and much more!

Coding Critters Range

Now we have my choice, I’m responsible for adding all of these lovely products onto our website along with my colleague, Jamie. I’ve picked the Coding Critters range by Learning Resources; my kids are in high school so too old for these but I have seen how much coding is becoming a part of education from a very early age and these sets are so much fun to play with but are educational too!

The Animal Care Activity Centre

Finally, we have Jamie’s choice, the Melissa and Doug Animal Care Activity Centre – this is a great role play toy that gives your little somewhere to care for and groom the abundance of soft toys I’m sure they have! Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire your little one to become a vet!!

We really hope this gives you some inspiration for your own shopping and if you do have any questions before you buy, contact one of our amazing customer service team, they’ll be glad to help!