4 Interior Design Tricks for the Perfect Nursery

When you’re expecting a new baby, there’s nothing like planning the nursery. With so many choices out there, how are you supposed to create the perfect designer nursery? There are a few tricks that interior designers use to make their nurseries stand out.

Skip the Baby Colours

The best nursery looks both ideal for an infant and can grow with them. This means skipping the obvious pink, yellow, or baby blue colours and going with something a little more sophisticated. Base the room on a neutral tone, like cream, beige, grey, or a muted colour then add some accent colours within it. And accents don’t have to be what you would typically use for a baby’s room.

Olive green, mustard yellow, and rich chocolate brown are just a few of the colours that designers use in the perfect nursery. You can even base the colours off of psychology, as indicated in this article.

This muted olive green nursery is a perfect example, if you find something you love, like this amazing set of Done by Deer Tiny Tropics Bedlinen, you can then build on that and base the rest of the room on it.

Use Temporary Décor

Your baby will grow faster than you know and it’s going to be a challenge to change things up if you don’t start with temporary. A very good example is using wall decals as seen above. These can be adorable when your baby is small, but once they are a toddler and have their own interests, you’ll probably want to change the décor up.

Temporary decals will stick on and then come off again when you need them to, without leaving a mark. This makes it very simple to just remove and put up new ones as your child’s interests change. Cute animals now, constellations later, and then some famous movie stars or bands. The option to redo sections is always the best choice.

If you’re looking for some other types of artwork, these amazing Childhome Oil Painting’s are a great way to add interest to the nursery without it being overwhelmingly baby focused.

Make It Parent-Friendly

Just because the room is meant for your baby doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be comfortable in there, too. In fact, it’s essential that parents consider their own comfort when designing a nursery. And, as always, keep in mind that you want something that will work as your child grows. A rocking chair is always a good investment, try the Tutti Bambini Noah Rocking Chair to pair function and style. Another option that works for a baby room is a modular sofa if you have that kind of space.

Add a Focal Point

What is the main focal point in the room? Of course, it’s the baby, but you may also choose a mural on the wall, maybe a large rug in the middle of the room or a large soft toy which will be enjoyed more and more as your baby grows. Whatever your choice, make this what you base everything else in the room from. If you have a lovely carpet, you can pick out colours from it and make sure they are all selected and highlighted throughout the space.

A baby’s name on the wall by the crib can also be a good focal point, or you may choose to create a comfort corner with a rocking chair, books, and toys. Pick a spot and focus the majority of your energy on it to ensure you have the best results to look forward to.

Here we’ve chosen two Childhome Standing Giraffes, which are a great way of adding a point of interest whilst keeping it fun and modern, this will one day become an interactive toy and you’ll be able to manoeuvre them around the room as the shift from cot to bed happens.

Decorate the Ceiling

The ceiling may not seem like the ideal place to paint or add decorations, but you need to realize that your little one will spend a lot of time looking up there. Adding a nice cover of clouds or even just a solid colour can help spark interest. Twinkly lights and hanging décor can add another dimension to the nursery, as well, so don’t rule out adding other decorations, besides paint.

You’ll also need to make sure you have the right items to hang and that they are far out of reach of tiny hands. Any decorations should be securely attached, as well. You don’t want lights falling down on your baby.

Whatever you decide for the nursery, know that it’s best to think ahead. Go beyond what is cute in the moment and stick to things that you know will work for your child as they grow. If you include babyish decorations, ensure they can be switched out relatively easily. We have a number of Nursery Décor options at Uber Kids from Cot Mobiles to Wall Hangings, to check out more click here!