Daddy Daze – Adjusting to Life As A New Dad!

Josh and India

What a year this has been so far, and what is still to come!

This is something new to me, writing a blog, as is being a father. Like parenting, my blog certainly won’t be the best, but I’m so grateful for Uber Kids for giving me this opportunity to provide advice for new dads! I’m sure I’ll make mistakes along the way, however, there’s something exciting about learning as you go and becoming that one step closer to achieving something you previously thought impossible.

Life As A New Dad

Life As A New DadBirth, pregnancy and parenting have been around for thousands of years and yet it’s still somewhat of a mystery to us. What is right and wrong? Who is best to learn from? Is it a book or your local midwife? Some may argue that their mother knows best.

My journey has begun and since then I have learnt a lot of tips and tricks and, while my blog may not be about clarifying what is right or wrong, it will share my journey and (hopefully!) act as a helping hand along yours.


Remember these two words at all times and I assure you that any challenge you’re faced with will not be as difficult. The reality of being a dad is that you will face a range of challenges; some on your own, some completely out of your hands and some you didn’t even know existed. That is why the fundamentals of these two words will be your saviour!

Sleepless nights, hormones, involved relatives, finances and nappy changes are just a few of the many tests you’ll be faced with. Things will get better and you’ll learn what works best for you, so be patient. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

“So, rather than allowing an already stressful situation push you further, try to take a step back and laugh.”

So, rather than allowing an already stressful situation push you further, try to take a step back and laugh. There are many times that my girlfriend and I could cry, instead we smile, accept the challenge and get through it. All the things I’ve mentioned about at some point will be inevitable so welcome it and face it with open arms.

Seeing the world differently

Josh Patterson daddy advice - Life As A New DadIt’s an odd analogy but, since the day my daughter, India was born, I find when I look into her eyes it’s like looking into fire. She’s completely mesmerising and I can’t take my eyes off of her!

You think of nothing else but what is in front of you. All of the worries you had no longer matter and all challenges you face cannot be bigger than the one you have in front of you. She has put things into perspective and allowed me to see the world in a different, more positive light. 

Story of the week

When is the right time to go to the loo with a newborn? The answer is, never! Not when you have a newborn baby – so be prepared and ready for that moment! I had India for the morning as my girlfriend was away for work. India had not stopped crying for several hours, to the point where I was starting to get desperate. As I was new to this, my lack of experience was made clear!

When victory is shortlived

Finally, after many attempts to get her to sleep, I did it! Elation was in the air. I had my moment and I took it. I got to the loo and sat down but then, several seconds later, the worse case scenario came into play… India had awoken and needed her Daddy.

“I got to the loo and sat down but then, several seconds later, the worse case scenario came into play.”

What do you do? Finish? Or allow her to work herself up? The latter was not an option so I made the decision to waddle with my trousers down by my ankles and come to her rescue. Not thinking this through, I suddenly realised I was a fully grown man, with a baby on his shoulder and his trousers round his ankles! I was left with no option but to take her with me and sort myself out!

Desperate times call for desperate measures

There are very few moments in life where you question ‘why?!’ But being sat in a bathroom with a crying baby on your shoulder and with no rescue party in sight is definitely one of them.

The next challenge is wiping with a baby in your arms… my only option seemed clear, so I made a safe and suitable bed for India in the sink…out of Binky’s favourite hand towels.

This is not what you read in good parenting books, but it’s all I had, and it worked!

Tip of the week

Sometimes no book or advice can prepare you for a situation, so go with your gut and make the best of any situation. You may even get a good story out of it!

Josh Patterson

Josh Patterson is a passionate model, former professional sportsman, TV personality, fitness fanatic and now a Daddy! Josh started his TV journey on the BAFTA Award winning show ‘Made In Chelsea’ – the show documented Josh’s life where he met his now partner Binky. The couple had their own Documentary on E4 ‘Born In Chelsea’ – a two part series which showed their journey to introducing baby India to the world. Josh has an active and ever increasing social media and worked with incredible brands such as Paco Rabanne and lead the campaign for Bjorn Borg ‘The Iconic Collection’.


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