The Benefits of Using a Baby Carrier

The Benefits of Using a Baby Carrier

Security, safety, a familiar environment, being close to mummy and daddy – this is what your baby needs immediately after they’re born. After nine months living comfortably inside mummy’s womb, your infant will continue to grow towards a life of increasing independence as they find their own way in the world. Read on to discover more on the benefits of using a baby carrier.

Benefits of Using a Baby Carrier

Carrying your little one in a baby carrier from the moment they’re born is a great way to help them to discover their new world. As you hold them close, they’re able to gently sway along with your every move. They’re able to feel, smell, experience, rest and sleep, whilst ultimately feeling protected.

Research has shown that children who were ‘carried’ as infants have greater confidence in themselves and are often more self-assured as they get older.

Skin hunger

Unborn babies are warm, safe and secure in their mother’s womb. They get a constant supply of nourishment and feel their mother’s movements.

Newborns have what is termed as ‘skin hunger.’ This is a constant need to be close to their parents and have skin-to-skin contact with them. When your baby is in a carrier, they can smell you, hear your heartbeat and feel your body temperature and motions.

Not only does this this make your baby feel secure, you’re able to respond quickly and adequately to their needs, like when they’re hungry!

By carrying your baby frequently, the relationship between you will become much closer.

A baby carrier is also a great opportunity for daddies to become closer with their children! Your baby will become familiar with their dad’s voice, scent and motions when they’re inside a carrier.

Hip and back development

Carrying your baby in a baby carrier stimulates their hip development because they’re assuming the most natural position. Your little one sits with their legs spread wide, their spine a little curved and their knees higher than their bum (the M-position). This is the ideal position for their hip development.

Carrying your child in a baby carrier not only prevents hip problems, but it’s also helpful in the treatment of congenital hip dysplasia.

Hold your baby close to you… hands free!

Using a baby carrier means that you can continue using your hands without losing body contact with your tot. So you can stay close to your tot while you carry on with your daily routine or pay attention to your elder children. It’s a great way to make sure no-one is running short of attention!

As long as you remain aware of your baby’s well-being, the most natural and secure way to keep your baby close to you is in a baby carrier.

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Kay Poelen

16 years ago I became a mother, the most beautiful change in my life. I immediately felt so much love for my babies and I wanted to keep them close. But there was something missing: a trendy, high quality ergonomic baby carrier. So I sat down at the kitchen table, with my sewing machine and without any plan or investment money I started designing. Creating a carrier for myself eventually resulted in my very own company. Motherhood and entrepeneurship helped me to find myself and grow from a little timid girl into a self-conscious woman with confidence. As did my company. From the kitchen table to an international company with colleagues, and a beautiful brand with fans all over the world! Our vision? Do everything in our power to make sure that there is an ergonomic baby carrier available everywhere, for everyone.