Close: Why Carry When You Can Caboo?

Caboo+ organic carrier

Caboo is the original sling re-invented. It provides the perfect balance of stretch and support due to the unique way the straps tighten to fit baby and wearer exactly. You can safely carry ‘hands-free’ in an upright chest to chest from day one, giving you the freedom to get on with your day whatever it holds whether you’re at home or venturing out and about.

With its super soft 100% organic fabric, our award-winning British baby carrier is incredibly comfortable to wear and so easy to use. Caboo simply pops on easily over your head like a t-shirt, giving you all of the great positioning, support and flexibility of a stretchy wrap without any tying or fiddly buckles. It is also ergonomically designed to offer the perfect support for your little one giving them the best possible position from birth and beyond.

The soft wide straps distribute baby’s weight evenly across both shoulders whilst the re-enforced back panel gives added support. Easy to put on by yourself and to adjust with the most flexible sizing across our range, simply pull through the rings to tighten. It has multiple hands-free positions, including discreet seated support when breastfeeding and a hip position for older babies.

The straps support your baby from their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support. Baby is held in the recommended ‘frog legged’ or ‘M’ position to fully support their developing hips and spine. The padded cuff offers a little more support for baby and has a handy zip pocket for you too. Our newborn Caboo range naturally complies with the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe carrying and are acknowledged as “hip healthy” products by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Close have a Caboo for every age and stage of your carrying journey, so whatever your needs, we’re with you every step of the way.


Since 2004, Close has established itself as a great British parenting brand. All products are durable, built to last and are made with the environment in mind, helping to create a better world for your little one to grow up in.