BabaBing! Give Us The Scoop On Their New Raffi Pushchair

BaBaBing! Raffi

We asked the team at BabaBing! to tell us a little more about their brand and give us the scoop on their new Raffi pushchair. Here’s what they had to say!

Tell us a bit more about BabaBing!. What’s the inspiration behind your brand?

We started BabaBing! 14 years ago, working out of a bedroom and garage while we got our brand off the ground. Our aim was to design modern and fun products for families that offered over and above what current brands did — and always with great value for money. Before long, our products were getting noticed, and we started to get listings with the best British retailers, including John Lewis, JoJo Maman Bébé, Boots and Mothercare — and now UberKids, of course! We now distribute our products to 12 different countries around the world.

You’ve just launched your first transport system, the Raffi pushchair. What inspired the decision to start your own line of pushchairs?

We decided to launch a pushchair as we never wanted to be just an accessory brand. Our goal was always to offer our customers every product a new parent would need. We’d also noticed that a lot of the leading companies were pushing up prices and offering very little extra (if anything) to justify the cost, and we knew we could do a better job! So, we put together a very clean, functional, stylish and reasonably priced design with loads of added extras that other brands weren’t offering.

What makes the Raffi so different? Are there any special or unique features?

The Raffi is all about ease of use, versatility, and ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for baby. It’s more than just a pushchair: there’s also a car seat adaptor set, and you can also use the carry cot as an overnight sleeping cot, which is great for trips away. The folding mechanism on the chassis requires just one hand to use, and you can even leave the seat unit in place when you’re in a hurry — I might be biased but, for me, it’s definitely the easiest folding system of its type on the market. Just pick it up using one hand and the Raffi will easily collapse for putting into your boot or just to carry in your home.


Once of the most exciting aspects of the new design is our trademarked Kose Cool lining, a highly breathable smart fabric that’s designed to keep your baby cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cool. This fabric is completely unique to BabaBing! — you won’t find it in any other pushchairs on the market. It works hand in hand with our Air V climate-control system, which improves airflow and helps keep your baby comfortable.

The inclining/reclining feature in our carry cot is also great if your baby is suffering from reflux or has the sniffles: just incline them slightly to help make their breathing easier.

How long was the Raffi in development for? Could you tell us more about the design process?

We spent over four years designing the Raffi, as we really did want every little detail to be perfect. The design process was incredibly rigorous— we felt it was very important that we were offering something new that had every special feature parents would need. We took inspiration from the sports and active lifestyle world, using technical fabrics that are designed to keep your baby comfortable, including two different rain hoods and a sun visor and cover.

What sort of parents did you have in mind when you designed the Raffi?

The Raffi has a very ‘millennial’ spirit: it’s a pushchair for cool, fashion-conscious parents who want to stand out from the crowd. It has a very clean, rivet-free design plus high-quality fabrics, leatherette detailing, and subtle branding complete the look. We wanted the Raffi to be very competitively priced, and we’re pretty confident that it’s one of the best-value luxury pushchairs on the market.

What has the feedback from parents been like so far?

In a word: fantastic! So far, people have been very impressed by just many special features the Raffi offers for such a competitive price. The clean lines and sophisticated style have also been very popular. We always make our customer service a priority, and we’re delighted to have a 5-star Gold FEEFO rating, meaning our customers think our service, delivery and products are second-to-none.


BabaBing's aim is to design inspirational, modern, practical and reasonably priced baby products to help the everyday parent when bringing up their child. Each product that is developed ticks all the right boxes in design, quality and price!