Believe Collection by Katie Piper

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to introduce you to my Believe collection. The first Believe collection I created was a great step for me in to the world of baby products and my first opportunity to get involved in the full design process. I was beyond excited to work on the designs as second time round I definitely felt more confident in the design and direction of the new styles. There is a lovely mix of fun, adventure and style to suit everyone!

I want to give you a quick overview of the new styles and what inspired me with each design…

Hearts – The hearts design is a particular favourite of mine which came about from a fun afternoon of drawing hearts with my daughter Belle. The actual heart that has been incorporated in the design was drawn by her so it’s really touching that we’ve included this design as it has a real personal touch to me! Available in a pink and blue design with matching bags, it’s an uplifting style and hearts are a symbol of love and the love we have for our families so I hope it’s something parents out there can really relate to.

Camouflage – This pushchair is available in both pink and grey and has an urban feel to it. I really like the camouflage design because not only does it look very cool and striking, but for me it represents strength and bravery. Also in nature, camouflage protects animals from predators, giving them confidence and security. My design embodies this and hopefully resonates with the confidence of parents and My Babiie customers.

Katie Piper MyBabiie Camouflage


Triangle – As well as looking stylish and currently very ‘on-trend’ this is a fab design in grey and white that is neutral and suitable for everyone. The triangle shape is influenced from the Greek symbol known as Delta, which represents positive change.

Katie Piper MyBabiie Triangle Range


Dinosaurs/Unicorns – The fun and bright unicorns and dinosaurs designs are lively and exciting, summing up many a childhood imagination. The dinosaurs have a sense of adventure and wonderment, having never been encountered their mere existence years ago make them even more amazing and fascinating.  The unicorns are mythical creatures, both magical and enchanting and not out of the realms of belief for our little ones, which ties in so nicely with the ‘Believe range’. The unicorn theme is one that is extremely popular at the moment and I really love the ‘Believe’ take on it and the colours used. The dinosaurs also add a colour palette that I haven’t really used before in my range and I think the bright greens and blues are really modern and funky.

Katie Piper MyBabiie Dinosaur Range


Since becoming a mum, I am even more aware of how life is forever changing and evolving and we face new challenges as parents every day, however I do believe change is a great thing and this is seen in watching our little ones grow.

I really hope you enjoy my new collection as I had such a fab time creating it!

Love Katie x


Katie Piper

Katie Piper is a best-selling international author, inspirational speaker, TV presenter and charity campaigner. Katie made the decision to share her story in a remarkable film for the Cutting Edge strand on Channel 4 called 'Katie: My Beautiful Face' which was watched by over 3.5million viewers and nominated for Best Single Documentary at the BAFTA Television Awards. Katie has been described as an inspirational role model, and her bravery and determination have been recognised by being nominated and receiving a number of awards.