Best First Christmas Gifts

It’s Alba’s first Christmas and it’s safe to say I’m very excited. More excited than her, that’s for sure! However, through all the excitement a slight bit of panic has set in with the fear of not knowing what to buy an 8 month old. But, with a little browsing, I’ve found lots of perfect gifts – so here’s my 7 top buys for your little one’s first Christmas!

Top 7 First Christmas Gifts

Best First Christmas Gifts - Xplorys Happy Hands Handprint Ornament Kit
Xplorys Happy Hands Handprint Ornament Kit
Best First Christmas Gifts - Skip Hop’s Zoo Turn and Learn Training Cup
Skip Hop’s Zoo Turn and Learn Training Cup

I’m definitely one for keepsakes so the Xplorys Happy Hands Handprint Ornament Kit is perfect. The set lets you create ornaments from your baby’s hand or footprints. They’re perfect to either keep for your own memories or re-gift to others – grandparents would absolutely love them!

Even though Alba will only be 8 months old at Christmas, I love to forward plan, that’s why Skip Hop’s Zoo Turn and Learn Training Cup will make a great gift. This cup is suitable for children aged 12 months plus and is perfect for their development. Even better, they come in a variety of attractive colours, plus they’re non-spill – after all, we all know how children like to chuck stuff on the floor.

Galt Toys Large Soft Book
Galt Toys Large Soft Book
Boppy Tummy Time Pillow
Boppy Tummy Time Pillow

Not only do I like forward planning, I’m also keen on the idea of helping a baby develop, so you’ll definitely see a theme to all of my top buys. Galt Toys do an amazing Large Soft Book which helps to do just this. It’s so nice to be able to read books with your little one and it doesn’t have to just be at bed time. This book is filled of bright colours, different textures and sounds. The bright pictures are perfect for teaching your child some first words.

We started Alba with tummy time from a really young age. She was only a few days old with a few minutes here and there. I wish I’d had a Boppy Tummy Time Pillow to help us out! It’s colourful, comfortable and the extra toys are perfect.

BigJigs’ Babies First Picture Blocks
BigJigs’ Babies First Picture Blocks
Sock Ons Mock Ons
Sock Ons Mocc Ons

Learning is always fun and what way to encourage them than by introducing them to BigJigs’ Babies First Picture Blocks. They’re the perfect toy for learning and fun at the same time! The colourful blocks are easy to hold and with different pictures on all of them, they’re perfect for helping with first words.

Alba is an absolute nightmare for keeping socks on. She’s either pulling them off or has her feet in her mouth! Well say goodbye to soggy socks and hello to Sock Ons Mocc Ons! A mixture between shoes and socks. The leather sole is great for babies that like to eat their feet. With the cold months coming up, these are perfect for warmth! With the different designs, these are great for any baby and if definitely up there on Alba’s Christmas list.

Star buy - first Christmas

I’ve saved the best till last, and I’d definitely call it my star buy. The Skip Hop Amazing Arch Activity Gym is at the top of the list. The play mat has an overhead arch for when babies are playing on their backs, but what’s even better is that the archway moves to coincide with the baby’s development. Move it in front for some tummy time or to the side for when baby is sitting and playing with the toys.

That’s not the best of it though, you can put your phone in a special compartment on the archway to allow you to take photos and videos of your little one, so you never miss a moment! The colourful designs, textures and sounds just top off this amazing product!

I used to think buying for an 8 month old baby at Christmas would be hard but now I know there is more out there, it makes me even more excited!

Happy shopping for your little ones!

Sarah Parker

Hello! My name’s Sarah, a new mum to my beautiful little girl Alba-Rose. We live in Staffordshire with the best husband/daddy Tom. Just an ordinary mum trying to cope with parenthood as much as the next mum is! I love blogging as it's a way I can write down my experiences and tips that I hope can help at least one person! I also love a selfie so my daughter kind of has to as well. She always has a camera pointing at her!