A Brief History of Britax Römer

A brief history of Britax Romer

Britax has been around for a long time as a company – starting all the way back in 1938! Read on to discover a brief history of Britax Römer.

Back in 1938, the company was known as British Accessories, and we were heavily involved with automotive safety.

Did you know that British Accessories invented the inertia reel seat belt that is still used today?

A Brief History of Britax Römer

Over time, our company name was shortened, and we became Britax. While we were still working in automotive safety, we also began looking into how children were restrained in the car.  There were no car seats then designed to restrain children and babies were often in a loose carrycot on the back seat! In the UK, we released our first child car seat in 1966. It was the stylish Britax Star Rider, available in red, blue or grey. It was suitable for children from six months of age to approximately five years old and featured a five-strap-harness.

The Galaxy Harness from the child seat could be used for children from 5-11 years old in order to restrain and protect them in the car.

The Star Rider, our first child seat - Brief History of Britax Römer
The Star Rider, our first child seat

The Star Rider - Brief History of Britax Römer

Changing to Britax Römer

In 1978, we joined with a German company, Römer. Römer were quite similar to Britax in the work they undertook, and also released their first car seat in 1966!

The Römer Lufki - Brief History of Britax Römer
The Römer Lufki

Up until 1981, there was no European approval for child car seats. In the UK, we had British Standard 3254. Britax was heavily involved in the development of the European child seat regulation, which was Regulation 44. We also guided and influenced each revision of this regulation, right up to today’s newest regulation R129 – a part of which is iSize.

Britax developed ISOFIX in 1997, working with Volkswagen to tackle the startling number of car seats that were incorrectly installed. Our invention is now the standard across Europe for car seat installation – ensuring a correct fit and a safer journey every time forms the basis of the new regulation R129 and iSize.

This year, we are proud to be celebrating 20 years of ISOFIX – here is our first ever ISOFIX child restraint:

The first ISOFIX car seat
The first ISOFIX car seat
Our newest ISOFIX car seat, the TRIFIX iSize - we never stop developing safer products
Our newest ISOFIX car seat, the TRIFIX iSize – we never stop developing safer products

Side impact protection

At Britax, we have tested our car seats for side impact protection for over 15 years, and created many advanced side impact protection systems.  This is extremely important as 20% of collisions in the UK are side impacts.

Stringent side impact testing
Stringent side impact testing

Over the past few years, we have further improved the side protection in our seats, and created SICT – Side Impact Cushion Technology. This can be found on all our new products, such as:

Additional innovations in our recent history, include the development of the XP Pad for booster seats, which helps to reduce neck loading by 30%

The XP Pad in action
The XP Pad in action

We also have SecureGuard, which reduces abdominal loading by 35%, and provides a fourth point of safety.

Why Buy Britax?

With a long history of working within automotive safety, the safety of Britax car seats has always been paramount. We go above and beyond the minimum legal requirements when testing our products. To ensure our child seats are as safe as possible, we design, engineer, crash test, manufacture and distribute them ourselves. This allows us to retain total control of the process of bringing a car seat from concept to shelf. We can ensure quality standards are as high as possible.

In addition to this, our aim is to have all of our car seats hand built in Europe by the end of 2017. At the moment, 90% of Britax products are hand built in Europe, either in our factory in Andover, Hampshire, or at our head office in Leipheim, Germany.

We use people to make our car seats, and only use the highest quality materials. Any components that are used from an outside source are stringently tested prior to going on to the production line. Our seats are quality checked through the whole manufacturing process.

Made with care guarantee

We also have a made with care guarantee on all of our covers which are 100% made in Europe. As such, all of our covers are guaranteed chemical-free – so there is nothing harmful against your little one’s skin.

While testing seats internally and having the most stringent quality control is very important to making a very safe car seat, it’s also important to test them in real cars. At Britax, we test and learn with real vehicles. We are one of an elite few manufacturers who are approved to supply the motor trade. 85% of car manufacturers choose a Britax product for child protection when their vehicles are EURO NCAP tested, to ensure they achieve the highest possible result.

Britax Duo Plus in EURO NCAP testing
Britax Duo Plus in EURO NCAP testing

It’s now been 50 years since we made our first car seat, and we have always been at the forefront of innovating safer seats, you can find out more about Britax here.

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