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“Made with Care” is Britax Römer’s philosophy to provide the highest quality of products to customers. This is one of the reasons the company manufactures 90 percent of all car seats in Germany and the UK. To reduce the use of harmful chemicals, Britax Römer has strong internal standards for chemical and mechanical testing for fabrics and other components, while exceeding strict regulatory guidelines such as REACH.

All Britax Römer car seat covers are made in Europe – from fabric production to sewing. This is an important step in their commitment to tightening quality control and developing the safest possible products – whether it is protecting children in accidents or from elements that come into contact with their skin. Their efforts have been recognised with consistent, excellent scores from leading consumer organisations such as Germany’s Stiftung Warentest, ADAC and ÖAMTC.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality of products to our customers, going far beyond the legal standards for purity and cleanliness. From rigorous independent testing at multiple stages during manufacture, to minimum requirements that go far beyond the legislative guidelines, to the strict quality control standards we set for every partner we work with.

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Britax Römer has different types of global, internal standards for chemical and mechanical testing e.g. fabrics and other components. These include regulatory guidelines and our own internal, often stricter standards that the quality of our products must adhere to.

Car seats: All current and previous car seat models are tested for chemical compliance by independent laboratories.

Wheeled Goods: Our wheeled goods are tested according to our general test protocol, which covers all legal requirements such as REACH, and is conducted by independent test laboratories. Our internal testing on wheeled goods also ensures that we surpass legal requirements in many aspects. The wheeled goods are all designed acc. to EN 1888 European pushchair standard and many products have the GS certification from TÜV.

Britax Römer is voluntarily committed to clearly surpassing legislative requirements on certain chemicals such as phthalate, PAH, formaldehyde and phenolic compounds in our collections of car seat, bike seat and pushchair fabrics.  Flame retardants (phosphates) are not used anywhere in our pushchair models. In the UK market, where fabrics must be flame retardant according to local regulations, we do not work with traditional flame retardants, but with alternative substances that pass our internal standards and have the same effect. Britax Römer products are free of more than 20 phthalates (many more than are federally regulated).

We have a restriction on more than 500 chemicals, with new ones added regularly. We maintain strict manufacturing requirements for all suppliers to ensure we meet and exceed new standards. All Britax Römer products are BPA free. No halogenated flame-retardants are included in any of our components. We do not use formaldehyde in our products.

Chemicals are an important part of developing long lasting, high quality consumer products. Some chemicals and substances are necessary to build products that will endure everyday use – from walking through a rainy, muddy road with a pushchair to strong materials that keep car seats together in a car crash. Not all chemicals are harmful. At Britax Römer, we adhere to strict internal guidelines to reduce the chemicals proven to be harmful, while simultaneously producing top-quality products that have been associated with Britax Römer for more than 50 years.

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At Britax Römer we ensure that parents and their children are safe on the road. The company has been fully committed to this goal since it first manufactured safety equipment and accessories for cars in the early 1930s. Since the development of Britax Römer’s first child car seat in 1966, child safety has been our number one priority. For more than 50 years no costs and efforts have been spared to provide even more safety for little ones. Today, Britax Römer develops and manufactures child car seats, pushchairs and bike seats with 90% of our child car seats and bike seats being “Made in Germany” or “Made in Britain”.