Christmas Gift Guide 2022

It’s officially ‘the season’. Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé have defrosted, the mince pies are on the shelves and the dreaded Christmas adverts have started on the television. 

If they’re not excited for Father Christmas already, then the kids’ wish lists will soon start appearing, ready to be sent to the North Pole. Now is the time to start getting prepared and get the gifts they will love come Christmas morning!

We’ve created this handy Christmas gift guide to take some of the stress out of the buying process. We’ve got loads of exciting toys in stock and here are our top picks!


If you haven’t already heard of Tonies, then where have you been?! These incredible little figures have hours of songs and stories to tell, keeping your little one entertained from the moment they wake up, to when they finally go to sleep…

It works by firstly having a Toniebox, which acts as the speaker and brings the music and stories to life. You can place any Tonie on the Toniebox and that’s when the magic happens! 

Each Tonie is hand-painted and contains a variety of songs and stories that will have your child singing along in no time. 

Don’t worry, this isn’t something that they will out-grow in a matter of months. There are Tonies designed for children from just a few months old such as Peppa Pig all the way through to 8 years + with The Gruffalo, Horrible Histories and Roald Dahl

The fun doesn’t stop there either. With a Creative-Tonie, you are able to record your own audio onto it for playback. So you can record their favourite bedtime story, sing songs together or even record a message for a loved one who is not at home. With room for 90 minutes of audio to record, there are endless opportunities!


Playmobil has been a family favourite for decades and we have a huge range that will spark your little one’s imaginations and keep them playing for hours!

With toys suitable for 18+ months all the way through to 7 years and up, there is something for everyone at any stage of childhood.

We’ve got favourites such as Scooby-Doo, Dino Rise, Family Fun, City Action and even James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5!

There are endless opportunities with Playmobil, so make the most of the rainy days and let your imaginations go wild!

Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Counter

Who doesn’t love ice-cream? Whether it’s velvety chocolate, zingy strawberry or fresh minty choc chip, we all love a scoop or two and your little one can serve it up with this 28-piece set. 

Tested by Melissa and Doug’s own children, each toy is tested with the harshest of critics, so you know your kids will love it. 

Your little ones can now have hours of fun creating endless ice-cream combinations with 8 flavours and 6 different toppings; yum! Play money is included which can introduce and help your children to count, add up and subtract whilst developing their social skills!  Who said learning had to be boring?

New Sprouts Pasta Time

Expand your child’s imagination with the New Sprouts Pasta Time kit!

Made from high-quality, durable plastic, this 20 piece set will get those mouths watering and their curiosity running wild. 

The Pasta Time kit is a perfect way to dream up imaginative dinners, learn about food preparation, table manners and more through hands-on play.

Melissa and Doug Super Smile Dentist Play Set

Learn about dental hygiene whilst building your little one’s imagination with the Super Smile Dentist Play Set. 

Set to be one of the toys of the year, the set includes oversized pretend teeth that you can give a good clean, treat cavities, fit braces and even floss! 

Looking after your teeth is one of the most important things you can learn as a child and this is a brilliant and interactive way of doing so.

VTech Tool Box Friends

Need a helping hand getting those shelves up? You’ll have your very own little handyperson in no time, with the VTech Tool Box Friends!

As with every toy for young children, it’s important that playing also aids learning and development. Tool Box Friends helps with your child’s language development and motor skills with the help from 4 sing-along songs and 15 melodies. These help to encourage them in the job they’re doing and make working with the cute tools fun!

Baby Einstein Magic Tune Table

Let your little one explore their love for music and creativity with the Baby Einstein Magic Tune Table! 

With 22 instrument options and 3 modes to play, they will be entertained and occupied for hours. Don’t worry, there is a volume control so, as much as your child might love their new composition, your ears will be protected from the noise… 

Suitable for babies 6 months and up, this Magic Tune Table grows with your child! Starting off as a floor toy, then as your little one starts to stand and walk, you can add the legs to create the table. This helps keep them steady on their feet and encourages walking as they make their way around the instruments.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Grocery Cart

A favourite with our Nurture & Grow community, the Melissa and Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Grocery Cart is a great toy that not only lets them role-play, but will also help them develop a whole host of skills!

This 16 piece set will teach colour and shape recognition whilst encouraging your child to get up and walk thanks to its sturdy and durable wooden handle and wheels.

The Wooden Shape Sorting Grocery Cart allows little bundles of joy to learn shape recognition skills, colours and colour sorting, fine and gross-motor skills, problem-solving, sorting and sequencing, counting and more!

Bigjig Rail Fairy Town Train Set

The award-winning Bigjig Rail Fairy Town Train Set is a timeless set that offers great play value and product quality. 

The wooden 75 piece set includes the track, bridge, colourful engine, two carriages, houses, a train station and much more!

Create endless scenarios and let their imaginations run free! 

The track is also compatible with other major wooden railway brands, so why not add this to your collection for next level play!

Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set

What is the best way to spark their imagination? Costumes of course! Everyone remembers their first dressing up costume and how it transforms you into another world. 

This Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Costume Set is perfect for encouraging role play games and building their imagination skills. 

Suitable for ages 3-6, this gender neutral costume includes a customisable name tag, helmet, fire extinguisher, badge and bull horn with sound effects (sorry parents). All the kit you need to put out those imaginary fires!

Tiny Love Wonder Buddies

Give the gift of a new best friend this Christmas!

The Tiny Love Wonder Buddies are cute, friendly and comforting little companions that will grow with your child. 

Each individual Buddy has their own little quirks. Play peek-a-boo, make them sneeze by touching their nose or have them giggling by tickling their tummy!

The Wonder Buddies will allow your little one to learn and grow whilst having the best of fun while they do it!

Learning Resources Coding Critters Magicoders

Screen time is something we all want to avoid, even though sometimes it can help us out in sticky situations… It’s appearing more and more and when they hit school, understanding of basic coding is taught. 

The Learning Resources Coding Critters Magicoders gives your little one a head start! The cute little animals provide great fun whilst also learning, teaching early STEM concepts through coding and play. 

Each set comes with its own magic wand which can be programmed using basic code or use it to cast magical spells to send their unicorn or dragon on special journeys!

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