Classic World Toys: Creating A Sustainable Environment

Child with hippychick toy box

There’s no doubt that in recent times we have all become more aware of the plastics we use and the damage these do to the environment when they are discarded. Most of us will be familiar with that guilty feeling when you have to ask for a disposable bag in the supermarket and we are clearly making an effort to carry reusable bags for this purpose.

Whilst this is of course a great thing, we all know that plastic bags are just the beginning and there are lots of ways we can reduce the amount of plastic we send to landfill. A recent study from found 88 per cent of parents admitted their plastic use soared since becoming a parent. A typical single person throws away an average of 329 plastic items a year and a couple 658, but a family of four used an average of 2,764 plastic items per year* which includes an array of plastic and battery operated toys and games.

When it comes to toys and games, Uber Kids are able to help, with a gorgeous range of sustainably produced wooden toys by Classic World. Classic World toys are a fabulous alternative to plastics. They only source timbers that are regenerative (from FSC certified, manged forests) or recycled. They also adopt a sustainable sourcing process where material that is often discarded, such as tree branch is used so nothing gets wasted.

We know chemicals can be harmful to our children and to the environment, so it is also reassuring to know that all Classic World toys use water-based paint and environmentally friendly glues which pass the EN71-3 test and you can also rest assured that all the raw material passes the EN71-9 test for wood preservatives, formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol.

Girl with musical toy

Finally, the Classic World team test all of their toys thoroughly to ensure they are not easily damaged and will survive the sustained tough play they are likely to endure in the hands of an enthusiastic toddler. These are toys built to last, so you can pass them on or donate them when your children out grow them. Many of the designs are gender neutral too, making them ideal to hand down from brother to sister and vice versa.

Well sourced wood is not only more sustainable than plastic – there is an increasing array of anecdotal evidence which suggests that wooden toys can actually be more beneficial to your child’s development too. Plastic toys tend to make sounds and light up, whereas their wooden counterparts require the child to play a more active role, pushing, hitting, pulling and more. Parents and experts think that this helps expand their imaginations through more creative play as well as developing their motor skills.

So, when thinking about how you can make a more sustainable choice for your family, consider ditching the plastic this Christmas and investing in longer lasting, more sustainable wooden toys that won’t end their lives broken in the landfill site.

The Classic World range starts at just £7.99 so there are some great value options too! You can shop the range here:

*Source: Thursday 22 February 2018


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