Cybex e-Priam: The Smart Pushchair Arrives

These days, everything seems to be going electric. From electric cars to e-bikes (which have grown rapidly in popularity in recent years), electric-powered transport is helping the environment as well as making everyday life that bit easier.

We should probably have guessed that e-pushchairs were next! Meet the Cybex e-Priam, the latest addition to the popular Cybex Priam travel system range and perhaps the first truly smart pushchair, which comes equipped with an electric motor to help you traverse those tricky inclines and rough terrain – as well as lots of other clever innovations and features.

New for 2019, the e-Priam (as the first product of its kind to arrive on the mainstream market) looks set to mark an important milestone in the evolution of the pushchair. But whether or not it’s the pushchair of the future, what can it offer families here and now?

Cybex e-Priam: key features

So just what are the key features of the new Cybex e-Priam? The most obvious, of course, is the one we’ve just mentioned – its electric motor, which forms part of its uphill support system. This makes it much easier to tackle uneven or steep surfaces with a gradient of up to 25%, saving you unnecessary effort and aggravation.

The uphill support system kicks in automatically. The e-Priam can tell how much effort you’re exerting thanks to the sensors integrated into its handlebar. At a certain point, the system instructs the motor to power up, assisting you on your way. The pushchair’s motor therefore works similarly to those with which e-bikes are equipped – these kick in when pedalling, assisting the rider by providing a timely boost.

But the e-Priam’s motor doesn’t just help get you uphill. In fact, it works when going downhill as well. This is because the pushchair also features a downhill support system, which helps to slow your descent when heading down sloping surfaces. The handlebar detects when you’re pulling on the handlebar and causes the motor to kick in and provide support to slow your descent, keeping the pushchair firmly under your control.

Another impressive feature is the e-Priam’s uneven surface assist function. Again, this does exactly what the name suggests – it helps to smooth out journeys over uneven and tricky ground, making the ride over cobblestones, gravel paths, country trails and even sand much more comfortable. This makes it a particularly good choice for active and adventurous young families.

Battery life and recharging

One thing about which you might be a little apprehensive is the Cybex e-Priam’s battery life – after all, you don’t want it cutting out on you when you’re out and about. But in actual fact, the pushchair’s battery life is pretty generous: according to Cybex, it can cover distances from around 8 up to as much as 45 kilometers, though this will depend on the load you’re pushing and the terrain you’re pushing it over.

When it comes to recharging, you can either take the battery out of the pushchair’s rear axle or plug the frame into a power source directly. The e-Priam should take about six hours to fully recharge, and you’ll need to charge the battery up yourself before trying out the pushchair’s impressive new features for the first time. However, even if the battery isn’t charged up, the e-Priam can still be used as you would a normal pram.

While the e-Priam is a little heavier (around 2.4kg) and more expensive than standard Priam pushchairs, it does offer features that no other pushchair on the market can match. Though it takes the humble pushchair into new territory, what really matters practically is that it helps lighten the load for busy parents – and that can only be a very good thing.

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