Micralite: Engineered For You

Micralite smartfold

Micralite is the new kid on the block in the nursery world. The sister company of prestigious British pram brand Silver Cross, Micralite shares all the same quality and luxury but is unashamedly bold. It blends high-end, performance technology alongside clever design to produce a range of prams unlike anything we’ve seen before.

So what does this mean for parents? That you(finally) have a pram that can take you and you’re little one pretty much anywhere! (all while looking cool).

The Smartfold

SmartFold is a 3 in 1 travel system. This means you can use it from birth with a carrycot, out and about with a car seat or in pushchair mode. It combines the robust build of larger off-road pram with the manoeuvrability and lightweight of a city stroller so from beach to woodland and back to the city streets this pram has you covered.

It has a two-button system which makes folding a breeze and the caddy style wheels means no more back strains when moving it around.

With unique design and unrivalled levels of details such as all weather fabrics and kevlar lined wheels (that’s puncture proof technology to you and me), every element of the SmartFold has been designed by parents for parents.

Go anywhere…



  • Spacious seat features three back positions and three leg positions for optimum comfort


  • Specially designed Bamboo fabric liner to regulate temperature and provide cosiness


  • Available in two sleek colourways


AirFlo carrycot 

Lightweight and easy to fit, the AirFlo is used with the SmartFold and TwoFold. A soft-shelled cocoon, the breathable bamboo fabrics and added mesh sides are all designed with baby’s comfort in mind.

Adapters included, this carrycot completes your travel system from birth so you can get out and about effortlessly in those first special months.


Airflo carrycot


Micralite focus on providing high performance products do that families can adventure everyday. They are the creators of the first truly hybrid stroller. Each stroller has a quick fold, all terrain wheels, one handed steering and are super comfortable.