A Q&A with Out ‘n’ About

Nipper buggy

We asked the team at Out ‘n’ About to tell us a little bit about their history, products and what makes them one of the most popular pushchair brands for parents in the UK.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves

The Out ‘n’ About brand was born 19 years ago when one of the present company directors was in search of a buggy to use off-road with his newly born daughter. After discovering there wasn’t an ideal buggy available in the British market to suit his family’s lifestyle, he began to import jogging strollers from the US and customising them to suit the market. For a while Out ’n’ About specialised in distributing off-road/ jogging buggies from different brands around the world, however we still could not find the perfect all terrain pushchair. This eventually led to us designing and manufacturing our own buggies- the Nipper range.

What was the idea behind the design of your products?

The first Out ‘n’ About Nipper was launched in 2001 and was available as a single & double model. One of the other company directors was previously a chartered mechanical engineer and we put his expertise to good use in the designing and development of the Nipper to what it is today.

What do customers like most about Nipper pushchairs?

We receive numerous reviews and social media posts/images from many families who enjoy using their Nippers.  Parents love the ease of use, quality and value for money you receive with each Nipper. There is no need to remove seat units when attaching a car seat or carrycot and the buggy folds easily with all the main components in place. Even though the Nipper range is competitively priced, the consumer does not forfeit on the quality.

Nipper double buggy

What is the difference between each of your Nipper pushchairs?

There really is a Nipper available to suit all lifestyles. All of our buggies are suitable from newborn up to approximately 4 years old with an array of standout features across the range such as  numerous storage options, adjustable handle bars, lightweight frames, and spacious seats. No matter which Nipper you choose you and your little one(s) are guaranteed to enjoy the journey.

The Nipper Single & Double are perfect for use on all terrains from off road walking to nipping around town and are complete with rear wheel suspension and pneumatic wheels. With these features, a smooth ride is guaranteed.

The Little Nipper & Little Nipper Double are our urban strollers. With quick compact folds and EVA wheels the Little Nipper collection is ideal for strolling around the town.

Both the Nipper Single & Little Nipper are carrycot and car seat compatible becoming a full travel system. The Nipper Double & Little Nipper Double have the ability to connect either one or two carrycots.

The Nipper Sport & Nipper Sport Double models are the perfect choice when looking for a running buggy. With 16” pneumatic wheels, a fixed front wheel, rear wheel suspension and a hand brake to govern speed these features really do allow you to test your speed!

Jogger with Nipper buggy

What can we expect next from out and about?

Our philosophy is very much about not trying to grow for the sake of growing. We want to continue making excellent buggies at affordable prices. Our main focus on any buggies or products we launch is to stick with what we know and what we do best. We will continue to grow with the market and ensure the products that any new products are true to the much loved Out ‘n’ About brand.

Take a look at the Out ‘n’ About range!

Family with Nipper buggy

Out 'n' About

Out'n'About has become one of the UK's leading pushchair suppliers, sourcing a range of quality products and developing them to meet the specific needs of the UK market. Initially Out'n'About pushchairs were specifically aimed towards jogging or off road use, however the three-wheeled stroller has now firmly established itself as being one of the most versatile and stylish ways for busy modern parents to transport their kids. Out'n'About pride themselves on providing high-quality products at affordable prices, with an efficient, friendly and comprehensive back-up service.