The World’s First High Back Booster Seat Approved To The New Safety Standard

BeSafe iZi flex fix car seat

In June 2017, the United Nations raised the bar for older children’s car seat safety by introducing UN R129-02 – a new regulation standard with stricter demands on high back booster seat in terms of safety, usability and space in the car. In Spring 2018, Norwegian manufacturer BeSafe was the first in the world to launch a high back booster seat that meets these severe demands: the iZi Flex FIX i-Size.

Over 5 years of planning, resulting in thought-through features

This revolutionary booster seat is the result of intense planning, testing and product development.- Ever since the new UN R129 (i-Size) regulations started to roll-out with its first phase in Summer 2013, BeSafe have been planning the next generation of child seats across the age ranges including now the high back booster category. The BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size is the culmination of over 5 years planning and around 3 years intensive product development.

As a result of this, iZi Flex FIX i-Size comes with manifold new and innovative features compared with other booster seats and BeSafe’s previous booster iZi Up. iZi Flex FIX i-Size is the first booster seat approved based on height (100-150 cm) instead of weight and features a special side impact protection system, consisting of 3 layers that can be attached and detached individually to fit to the family’s car and car seat situation – thus giving the ideal conditions for fitting up to 3 people in a row.

The soft and comfortable lap belt guider helps ensure that the lap belt is properly positioned over the child’s pelvic bones, while the “PAD+” – a soft cushion that is attached to the shoulder belt – makes the edge of the belt more comfortable and gives extra safety for the chest and chin.

children in booster seats in a car

Going beyond what is required by the regulation

Many features of the iZi Flex FIX i-Size are not required by the regulation but BeSafe chose to add them anyway. They design their child car seats for real-life situations instead of looking at artificial laboratory test environments only. Unlike test dummies, real children move around in their seat while being on a journey, which is why the lap belt guider helps to keep the vehicle belt in the right position at any time, preventing possible injury to the abdominal area.

Overwhelming market responses and test performances

The fact that this booster seat not only provides superior safety but also gives families the much-needed flexibility when playing car seat Tetris has made the iZi Flex FIX i-Size extremely popular and sought-after. Following an overwhelming response at launch, it was sold-out for weeks and is still in high demand. Its performance got confirmed by the renowned German test institute ADAC, giving it outstanding side impact scores combined with great results for space in the car and space for the child.

Girl in BeSafe booster seat


BeSafe are a leading company when it comes to the development and manufacturing of high quality car seats for children as well as other road safety products. We provide worldwide distribution through selected retailers represented in around 40 countries. Our driving force is the will to protect what is most precious to us: our children. At Besafe we are dedicated to developing the safest possible car seats and other road safety products for children of all ages.