How to Create a Safe and Stylish Nursery


Shopping for nursery furniture is always great fun, and a lot of it looks fantastic. From those first, exciting shopping trips or online searches to the day it all arrives and gets put up in the nursery, shopping for nursery furniture makes what’s about to come all seem very real – and that’s a good thing, of course!

While stylish and practical nursery furniture is a must for any nursery, giving you somewhere to put baby down for sleep and to get them dressed (or changed for the umpteenth time that day), it’s also very important that it’s a safe environment for them, too.

As they start to grow and find some independence – and develop a sense of mischief, too – your baby will start to crawl around the nursery and you don’t want them bumping into things or having items falling over onto them and hurting themselves all because you got a little carried away filling the nursery with gorgeous furniture and keepsakes.

To stop you getting carried away and filling the nursery with every single item you’ve fallen in love with over the last nine months, and to ensure that what you do put in there is as safe as possible, we’ve got some top tips on how to create a safe and stylish nursery for you:

How to create a safe nursery

The layout of your nursery is every bit as important as the contents. If you’ve got furniture everywhere and then toys and clothes spread across the floor you run the risk of baby hurting themselves once they start to wriggle around. To help you baby-proof your nursery, here are some ideas on how to organise your nursery layout so it’s as safe as it can possibly be:

Think child-friendly. Don’t position any of your nursery furniture near things that baby might hurt themselves on. This means radiators, windows, lamps and any keepsakes kept on top of the wardrobe, drawers or cupboards. Trust us, they’ll find a way to knock anything over!

Don’t hang anything heavy. You can never have enough storage when you have a baby and even the brand new nursery furniture can be filled in a matter of months. If this happens the easy solution is to start hanging things on the back of the door or on the wall. Again, if baby can find a way of knocking items over, they will so try and avoid hanging anything on the walls or the back of the door.

Don’t put anything in the cot. Your baby should be the only person or thing in the cot; that way they can’t drop anything on themselves, roll onto anything or put anything in their mouth and it reduces the risk of SIDS, too.

Soft toy boxes. Choose something soft without corners as a toy box, that way they can’t take a tumble and hurt themselves. Something like a canvas bin or a box without a lid are good options.

Keep fluids and electricals out of reach. It sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people keep liquids and electricals like baby monitors and hairdryers near to the changing table, just within baby’s reach. Make sure these are always put away and that only the essentials are out when it’s time for a change.

Baby's nursery

Now, how do I create a stylish nursery?

So now you know what to avoid, you can start having fun by buying and building your nursery furniture. It really is an exciting time and, as mentioned, makes everything seem very real all of a sudden. To help you make not just a safe, but a stylish nursery, here are some suggestions:

Measure twice, buy once! The nursery will fill up very quickly once you start putting cots, wardrobes and changing tables in; so be sure to measure the whole room while empty to ensure you’ve got space for what you need. A cluttered nursery isn’t a stylish or safe nursery, so when you’ve got the measurements sorted you can start shopping knowing exactly what size to look for.

Soft lighting. Babies are very sensitive to light and it’s important to have very soft lighting in the room as a result. Low power light bulbs are one option, or you can opt for a darker lampshade to subdue the light for a while.

Blackout curtains. These will be one of the best investments you ever make! With the little one going down in the daylight for a lot of the time, it’s important to get them into the habit of sleeping in the dark. A good set of blackout curtains will give the impression that it’s night time so when they grow up a bit they’re already used to sleeping from dark until light.

Choose furniture sets. Nursery furniture comes in sets in a lot of cases, meaning you can buy a matching set of drawers, wardrobe and cot in the size and style you like the most rather than searching for items that look roughly similar. Co-ordinating styles are always a far better option than mix-and-match!

Then think colour schemes! Once you’ve chosen your nursery furniture – and before you’ve built it, ideally – you can think about the colours for the walls. It’s much simpler to match textiles and paints to furniture than it is to go out searching for furniture in a particular shade.